2019 Ministry Initiatives

Investing in Children and Families

Risen Lord is invested in nurturing the faith of all children and families. And because we believe that all are children of God, and that families can be any size from one person on, that means we are invested in the faith lives of every person who is part of this congregation.

Our big dream for 2019 is to host a Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp Day Camp here at Risen Lord. This unique partnership between RTLC and congregations nurtures relationships between adults and youth in the church, and provides an outreach to the community. Similar to a VBS program, RTLC staff lead energetic worships, games, singing, and provide guidance in leading bible study and arts and crafts.

While many congregations hold this camp during the day (thus the title Day Camp), an evening schedule beginning with an early supper, allows the whole family to attend. All of this would be open to Risen Lord, St Laurence, and the communities of the 285 corridor.

Embracing Intergenerational Strengths

One of the gifts of Risen Lord is that every generation is present on most Sundays, from a 93 year-old matriarch to recently baptized 1 year-old, and every generation in between. Each Sunday the relationships between people of different generations is on display. Youth seek out elders during the passing of the peace. Gen-Xers connect with middle school students over books. Grandparents-in-waiting help out with young children. The youngest find a place at the table in the sanctuary just for them bringing a smile to all.

With a group of youth ready for confirmation, we want to use the gift of these many generations to build faith. After all, Martin Luther’s original intent was for faith to be formed in the context of family life. Beginning in the fall of 2018, confirmation learning will take place in the context of Worship Lab (our new occasional worship experience), during service learning events open to all people, and in Saturday sessions designed for both youth and adults.

Extending Our Reach

In the beginning, Risen Lord was a mission congregation. We depended on others to fund our ministry, and in response we gave generously back to the larger church to strengthen ministry beyond our congregation.

In 2007, Risen Lord formally organized and became a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Throughout our history, Risen Lord has given at least 10% of offerings received to the work of the larger church, in addition to supporting other organizations through our ministry plan.

For a number of years now Risen Lord has included the following organizations in our regular giving: PeaceWorks, Inc, New Beginnings Worshiping Community, Mountain Resource Center, and Interfaith Food Pantry.

In 2019, we will add a fifth organization supporting the ministry of another mission congregation on the west side of Denver. Formerly known as Cristo Rey, this congregation is located near 6th Ave and Federal in a largely Spanish speaking part of town. Currently being served part-time by Rev. Quirino Cornejo, a bilingual and bicultural Episcopal priest, this congregation is reorganizing, and are not yet able to provide the support necessary for his salary.

Cristo Rey provides not only a place to worship and connect to God, it is a center point in the neighborhood housing a large Head Start program, an annual RTLC Day Camp, quinceañeras, and other community events in its large fellowship hall.

Along with financial support, we will look for ways to support this congregation with our presence including occasionally joining them for worship on Sundays after our regular worship service.