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Celebrating the Risen Lord in Our Mountain Community

Togetherness + All Generations + Serving Community + Being Church

Your financial support allows Risen Lord to provide worship and faith formation, fellowship and community, even in these strange times. Thank you for your gift!

Seasonal Worship Schedule

28 November 2021 Zoom only

5 December 2021 Hybrid (In person and Zoom)
Worship Lab: Global Church

12 December 2021 Zoom only

19 December 2021 Hybrid (In person and Zoom)

24 December 2021: Christmas Eve Hybrid (In person and Zoom)

26 December 2021 Zoom only

2 January 2022 Zoom only

9 January 2022 Hybrid (In person and Zoom)
Worship Lab: Baptism

For In person:

Plan to be socially distanced and wear a mask.

Bring a small cup/shot glass for communion.

Bring a copy of the liturgy or have it downloaded on your phone/tablet.

There will be no singing - yet.

Windows will be open - dress accordingly.

We can gather outdoors for fellowship time.

Established in 1997, Risen Lord Lutheran Church has always been about community more than a building. Over the years we created worship space in two different community center buildings, a theater, and a storefront. In 2017, the people of St Laurence Episcopal Church invited Risen Lord Lutheran Church to share building space with them. Since then both congregations have been energized by building relationships, sharing ministries, and occasionally worshiping together, all while maintaining our unique Lutheran and Episcopal identities.

From the beginning, Risen Lord Lutheran Church has provided a spiritual home and welcoming community for people all along the Hwy 285 corridor, from Bailey to Morrison and even ‘down the hill’. We are connected to the community through Interfaith Food Pantry, Susannah’s Hope (a coat ministry), Mountain Resource Center, and PeaceWorks.

We gather for worship at 9:00 am on Sundays.

Holy Communion is always a part of our worship.

You will find us on Barkley Road, just off Hwy 285, in Conifer.

The front entrance of St Laurence Episcopal Church, and home of Risen Lord Lutheran Church.

Find Pastor Kim Gonia's sermons here (usually posted early in the week): www.kimgonia.com

What we mean when we say
Togetherness + All Generations + Serving Community + Being Church

Togetherness: We value community. Being together strengthens us and stretches us. It is part of why we love sharing space with the people of St Laurence Episcopal. Together we laugh, pray, enjoy food and fellowship, draw closer to God and each other.

All Generations: We value the gifts of every generation and celebrate that our community includes people of all ages. This means that our primary faith formation activities are designed around having all generations together, especially in worship and for an annual Camp for All experience.

Serving Community: We value the communities in which we live, therefore we seek to be connected with people and organizations in those communities, adding our skills and resources to their efforts to serve others.

Being Church: We value gathering for worship, sharing the sacraments, holding others in prayer, knowing God more deeply, exploring mystery and wonder, seeking over certainty, faith over fear.

Risen Lord Lutheran Church is a congregation in the Rocky Mountain Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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