Annual Meeting report:  We had a long and productive meeting.  Thanks to everyone who stayed and shared your thoughts and listened to others.  We always come up with the best solutions when we work together.  Here are the highlights of the meeting:

  • Four new Council members were elected: Mary "Tinker" Barnett, Peter Braun, Bess Anne Corwith, and Kim Meyer.  Thanks to each of them for their willingness to serve.  Many thanks as well to Barb Karosas who just completed her term on Council.
  • Next year's Nominating Committee is Rick Koth, Peter Braun and Donyce Ness.
  • Jeff and Bess Anne Corwith are our representatives to the Synod Assembly.  Mary Black will be going as well - so we will be well-represented!
  • Location, location, location.  This was the big question.  After wrestling with budgets and all the pros and cons, we took a "straw poll" vote.  With 24-3 result, we decided to pursue sharing space with St. Laurence pending working out more of the details that could change people's minds (e.g. worship time, parking, storage, etc).  We will have a special congregational meeting in a month or so for a final vote.  We are also going to find out whether or not we can move the date we need to give notice to our current landlord back a month or two.  Stay tuned...
  • Motions around location:
    • Peter Braun moved to make a “straw poll” vote today on Risen Lord’s location and a secondary or final vote in four weeks which would extend our current lease from May 31st to June 30th
    • Jeff Corwith amended Peter’s motion to make a “straw poll” vote today for location, so we can communicate our decision to St. Laurence. Time between the “straw poll” vote and final location vote will be utilized to work out the deal breakers (e.g. worship time, parking, storage, etc). The date for the final vote will be determined by council.  Mary Black seconded the motion and all were in favor.
    • We need a small committee to work out some of the details with St. Laurence.  We're still not sure what to call it - Relocation?  Resettlement?  Liaison?  Anyway - if you're interested in being on this committee contact Kim Meyer or Pastor Teri.