Worship - Sunday at 10 am  -  
Everyone is Welcome!
Pancake Supper - Shrove or Fat Tuesday February 28th 5 pm to 7 pm
    All are welcome!

Sometimes uplifting and loud.  
Other times meditative and quiet.  Worship at Risen Lord is about experiencing the Holy.  
You can do that by yourself on a mountainside, but in its fullness together in community.

When Jesus talked about the "Kingdom of God," he was not talking about some future afterlife.  
He was talking about a world of peace, wholeness, justice, and care for the poor and marginalized right here, right now!  
At Risen Lord, we serve others in so many ways. 

Our spiritual journeys last a lifetime.  We never stop growing in faith.  Risen Lord offers opportunities for people of all ages to 
learn and grow in their faith.